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Centre for development of electronic devices

CDED was established to provide the platform where the university can collaborate with the society to innovate electronic devices that can solve the various problems identified in the society. This is achieved by creating linkages with clients and likeminded stakeholders and developing electronic devices in collaboration with relevant industries or companies. CDED has already been involved in a number of projects such as the development of the digital speed governor, Access Control, Clocking Device, Air Quality Monitor(HEWATELL), Smart Card Programming Device among others. This has enabled the Centre to develop manpower with capacity, knowledge, desire and ability to design electronic devices that are of high standard and quality.

Our Mission

To support innovation, accreditation and validation of electronic devices by actively seeking intellectual property protection and developing entrepreneurial training and skills aimed at enhancing the abilities and knowledge necessary for initiating, growing and sustaining commercialization capable of creating quality jobs for the innovators and others.

Our Vision

To be a Centre of excellence for innovation in electronic designs and devices globally.


  • To develop and strengthen electronic designs and devices quality in Kenya.
  • To induce and motivate start-ups in DeKUT.
  • To offer clients tailor-made electronic devices, solutions and relevant information to solve societal problems.
  • To offer systems and technologies that are not only sensitive, responsive and intelligent but also interconnected and interactive.

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