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Centre for development of electronic devices

CDED was established to provide the platform where the university can collaborate with the society to innovate electronic devices that can solve the various problems identified in the society. This is achieved by creating linkages with clients and likeminded stakeholders and developing electronic devices in collaboration with relevant industries or companies. CDED has already been involved in a number of projects such as the development of the digital speed governor among others. This has enabled the Centre to develop manpower with capacity, knowledge, desire and ability to design electronic devices that are of high standard and quality.

CDED offers competent electronics development in a wide range of areas such as analogue and digital electronics as well as the required firmware. We develop electronic products that comply with specified properties. We design the printed circuit boards (PCBs), put the components on printed circuit boards, design housing with connections and/or connectors to comply with mechanical stability and test the products in our in-house labs. In addition to the functionality of the components and the device, we focus on documentation and approval requirements for electronics development, by the relevant government agencies.

We develop modern, reliable electronic devices that will stand the test of time.

Our Mission

To be the best electronics designers and manufacturers in Kenya and East Africa, and support the ever growing need for innovative solutions in the country.

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Our team is dedicated to produce only the best quality of electronics for our clients’ needs.